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An Action Group has been established to pursue recovery of overcharged fees by lawyers in Cyprus

George Lambis
Fairness In Fees Limited

Cyprus lawyers overcharge fees
Our aim is to to obtain a ruling from the European Commission that the current practice of lawyers in Cyprus charging "minimum" fees is unlawful under European Union legislation. Minimum does not mean low
Counsel's legal arguments submitted are very powerful
Fairness In Fees is not a profit making organisation. It has been established to put a stop to the regime of minimum fees   
The practice of minimum fees applies to contracts, wills, estates and other out of court work and it will affect most of us sooner or later especially when the assets in our estates are distributed
Whilst we pursue this Complaint to the European Commission and justice the time and financial cost invested has been significant but we are already planning for the next stage in the recovery of fees 
If you think you have been overcharged and you are serious about fighting back please join the Action Group 
We anticipate that a successful outcome to the Complaint will be widely beneficial to many people who may then pursue recovery 
The sub-menu in the Home page explains why you may want to consider joining the Group and how to join us
The Campaign would be more powerful if it had widespread support. Contributions in terms of time, publicity and financial resources could strengthen our chances of success in achieving recovery of overcharged fees. There is still work to do and we need to enhance our support base